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Tour Game Day 6 vs Ysgol Glantaf, Cardiff, Wales

Soaking rain, cold, mud and wind was a welcome to remember and games were played short due to conditions.

Victoria started well with much of the attack and good play particularly by Henry Martin, Melvin Poseta, Sam Richardson and Charlie Bradley at fullback. Matthew Migotto as captain had another outstanding game with Boyd Marshall stepping up and making aggressive breaks.

Despite positive play there was no capatilising by the visitors and in their first real foray up the field, it was Glantaf who scored the first try to make it 5 - 0 at half time.

Thomas Moeller came on and got involved immediately as Lachlan Findlay started directing the troops from half. Melvin Poseta was enjoying a strong game with many half breaks and Enzo Iezzi also looking for gaps in the tight Glantaf defence. Matthew Lightfoot has an immediate impact when he came on and broke the defensive line on multiple occasions. Hamish Hollamby came on and got involved as the awful conditions continued. Thomas Moeller Came off with a leg injury but some good forward work with multiple phases saw Antonio Masina in for a try to level the score 5-5. Henry Martin continued his good game and Melvin Poseta challenged to the end.

A game to remember for the conditions and great sportsmanship of the Glantaf players and support.

VSRU U16A 5 drew Ysgol Glantaf A 5

Try: Antonio Masina

The early game only meant that the mud was yet to be churned up with the conditions for the B game horrendous and possibly more wet. With such soaking rain the field lines were barely visible and the referee was without a dedicated assistant referee on either side.

With the Welsh surely at home in such conditions it was not surprising to see them with such clean handling, twice moving the ball out wide exposing some lax defence on both wings to score and quickly be 10 - 0. After being denied on the goal line despite thinking they were over, the Victorians finally had a try through the rumbling prop Josh Uisa to go into half time 10 - 7.

After addressing some tactical decisions that weren't being made in the first half, the Victorians looked a different team, kicking with much greater effect and capitalising for two quick tries through consistent perfomers Maara Piniata and James Fogale to take the lead 19 - 10. It was an arm wrestle as the mud started to deepen, feet slow, and the battle for the ball intensify. To the dismay of all, a tackle saw one Glantaf boy slip his leg out and injury it quite seriously. After a brief stoppage the game was called to an early finish.

It was time to get out of the cold, wet mud and into warm clothes ahead of the combined group trip to go see the European Champions Cup match between Cardiff Blues and Saracens.

VSRU U16 B 19 defeated Ysgol Glantaf B 10

Tries: Josh Uisa, Maara Piniata, James Fogale (1)

Conversions: James Fogale (1)